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"My mission is to support as many people as possible to unlock latent talent in order to perform at their best and realise more of their potential."

Kevin McElroy, BSc (Hons) Psych; MSc Perf Psych; MBPsS

Research shows that champions from all walks of life including champions of business, politics & sport all share a common set of psychological characteristics that facilitates higher levels of performance, achievement & wellbeing.

These characteristics are psychologically constructed and can be developed by others to optimise individual levels of performance & wellbeing across different domains.

Champion Mindset is an evidence-based developmental blueprint for constructing & applying these characteristics to optimise performance & wellbeing.

The Champion Mindset blueprint is grounded in cutting-edge research from the fields of psychology, epigenetics & neuroscience; and is firmly grounded in the real world and lived experience.

I first created the Champion Mindset blueprint to help coach others to optimise their performance & wellbeing while I was working in various leadership/management roles with some well-known brands including: Halfords, B&Q, Dobbies Garden Centres, John Lewis and National Trust for Scotland. I developed the Champion Mindset blueprint further after graduating with distinction from Edinburgh University with a Masters (MSc) in Performance Psychology in 2015.


I now use the Champion Mindset blueprint to construct dynamic coaching & mentoring programmes that help people optimise their performance & wellbeing across different domains.

Champion Mindset coaching & mentoring programmes are dynamic, client centred, journeys of self-discovery that focus on building knowledge, understanding & mastery of the psychological constructs associated with optimising performance & wellbeing.

I work with individuals & organisations of all shapes and size to provide dynamic, evidence-based coaching & mentoring solutions tailored to suit individual needs. My client list is diverse & varied in that I can be simultaneously coaching an individual to overcome performance anxiety while at the same time coaching a group of managers to become more effective leaders.

Tell me what your performance & wellbeing objectives are, and I’ll tell you if I can help you achieve them!

“The Champion Mindset programme offers a really positive and practical path to challenging your limiting beliefs. Kevin is a fantastic source of support, advice and motivation."

Romy Berits, Founder/Owner, Canteen.Work

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