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Brain Scans


Key Psychological Constructs

The Champion Mindset performance & wellbeing blueprint combines evidence from cutting edge research in the fields of psychology & neuroscience with lived experience to create a unique evidence based developmental framework for developing twelve psychological constructs essential for optimising performance & wellbeing.

Mind over Matter

Understanding how to use the executive function in the brain to develop a SMART brain, AGILE mind & PERFORMANCE mindset is a prerequisite to optimising performance & wellbeing.

Image by Milad Fakurian

Self Efficacy

Your belief in your ability to do something will determine the amount of effort you put into achieving it, and how successful you'll be. Building high levels of self efficacy is therefore critical for performance & wellbeing.



We need to be able to control our attentional focus to avoid being overwhelmed by the abundance of information taken in by our senses, and to attend to the things that are important to our performance & wellbeing.

Image by Paul Skorupskas


Optimal performance & wellbeing requires attributing accurate reasons for successes & failures, and learning important lessons from the past to improve performance & wellbeing in the future.

Image by Myriam Jessier


Having the mental agility to adapt to changing situations & circumstances is a basic survival skill and in the context of performance & wellbeing is more important than innate strength or intelligence.

Image by Hari Nandakumar


Being able to regulate your response to challenging situations & events, and cope when under pressure using a range of coping strategies reduces stress & anxiety and optimises performance & wellbeing.

Image by Resume Genius


Creating a clear vision of the future, setting realistic goals & objectives to realise that vision and overcoming anticipated & unexpected barriers to success gives purpose, direction & momentum.

Image by GeoJango Maps


Reasoning requires awareness, logic, emotion and intelligent thinking strategies to make fast & slow decisions appropriate to situation & circumstances. Sound reasoning optimises cognitive resources, performance & wellbeing.

Image by Nicole Wilcox


Being able to organise thoughts, actions and time using a robust but flexible framework optimises cognitive resources, improves productivity and optimises performance & wellbeing.

Image by Hugo Rocha


Motivation is the catalyst between goal setting and goal achievement. It requires awareness of basic motivational needs, intrinsic drivers and mental toughness in order to build & maintain momentum.

Image by Aziz Acharki


Substrates obtained from key foods & drinks are augmented by activity, relaxation and sleep to provide the essential building blocks required for neural regeneration and neuroplasticity to occur. 

Healthy Morning


Emotional & social intelligence involves understanding your own and other people's emotions, regulating your own thoughts and behaviours, and building collaborative relationships with others.

Image by Nik
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